The Moonshine Gang team will be at the

Cannes Film Festival 16th-21st of May 2019.

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A bounty hunter and a grieving father are forced to work together to exact their revenge on a gang of infamous outlaws, who become a whole lot deadlier on a full moon.


The Moonshine Gang of Cheyenne is a western/horror set in 1879 that tells the story of two men in the wrong place at the wrong time; a Bounty Hunter named Jack McGovern and his nephew Seth who are currently transporting outlaw and Moonshine Gang member Charlie Sanders through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

They set up camp for the night unaware of what is on their trail and the horror of what is already amongst them. The sudden arrival of a stranger named Hurst – who is hellbent on killing Charlie and his gang – will begin to tell the unlikeliest of stories trying to persuade Jack and Seth to help him. As night falls, Hurst continues to plead with Jack and Seth to let him go and to kill Charlie before the rest of the gang show up and it’s too late.

What Jack and Seth don’t know is the Moonshine Gang lead by a one J.T. Augustus becomes a whole lot deadlier on a full moon.


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